Monday, 10 August 2009

It's Been A While

When I set this up, part of me sort of knew I'd end up slacking off and not updating it regularly. And that is exactly what's happened. The problem is that now, when I do update it I have loads to catch up on.

Driving - Well that's gone pair shaped. The more I learn, the more of the basics I seem to forget, such as basic clutch control. On Monday's lesson, I stalled the car on three occasions, just within the first 5 minutes of driving! Bad Times. As well as that, I had to navigate my may back to the studio from Hitchin. I chose to take the back roads, which turned out to be a massive mistake, and trying to find the studios was like trying to hit a dart board blindfolded. I learnt a massive lesson as I drove nearly 5 miles out of my way... never assume every village is signposted. Never.

Work - This is going a lot better. All the fear that I would never find paid work has evaporated as I managed to secure a job at BHS full time. This does mean though a massive change from my shockingly casual appearance to wearing shirt, trousers, shoes and regularly having a shave.

Radio - Is just sort of moving along at the moment. I need to come up with a new feature for the show as at the moment it runs the risk of getting stagnant. It's just comming up with something, that's the problem...

Well that will do for now. I have to go and get ready for my first day of work now which is pretty exciting. Until the next time....

Monday, 27 July 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while since I updated the blog, but then, as this blog will detail, there has been a lot I've not had chance to do.

With University falling straight into working at Hertbeat FM, I haven't actually had the opportunity to catch up with most of my friends in Stevenage. So it was quite nice to do so last Saturday when myself and Kirsty went around a friends house for dinner.

Now it's good to catch up with friends just to firstly hear what they've been up been up to, but also because you forget the truly mental things they say:

Exhibit One: We decided Chinese would be the meal of choice. However, one of my friends turned to her husband and said, "Make sure you keep all the food separate when you dish it up." It turns out that she's always refused to eat an item of food if it's touching another item of food on the plate and that she'll completely eat one item of food before moving onto the next. I thought this was hilarious, mental and a little weird, but another friend piped up that her boyfriend was the same. Now I feel left out. I also thought that they must hate ketchup or any dinner sauce because that ends up coming into contact with everything. Yet this was acceptable, and I was appalled with the hypocrisy of it all.

Exhibit Two: The husband of the food segregator explained his puzzlement of the fact that they brought a fish for their fish tank months ago, and that soon after it had vanished. It was too big to get sucked into the water filter and didn't appear to be anywhere. At this point the food segeregator announced that she had seen the fish and it had died. So attention turned to what had happened to the fish and she announced that when she discovered the fish she was on her way to work and left it in the tank. A disgusted reaction followed, which she countered saying "Well it generates good and bad bacteria."

I didn't know fish could enjoy Yakult.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Driving Lesson Numero Three

It was all going so well, and then I had one of those lessons where you just get all the basic stuff wrong.

A 'highlight' which sums up the lesson. I worked on controlled stops. In the dry runs without the car moving I was generally hopeless, not getting to the pedals quick enough. The rain was absolutely hurling out of the sky which would make the whole experience even more interesting. When it came round to actually doing the controlled stop, I managed it perfectly, stopping the car without stalling the engine. Then as I went to continue driving... I stalled the engine. Anyway the lesson by numbers:

Top Speed: 55mph
Number of times I exceeded the speed limit: Yeah, still not counting this, but it's getting better...
Number of succesful controlled stops: I've forgotten how many we did, but they all went well.
Number of times in the wrong gear: Five
Number of times I stalled the Car: Three
Number of times I swore: Once
Number of occasions where I yelled at other road users: Twice.

I think I wasn't helped with the Driving Lesson by the fact I'd been up since 5:30am to do the Breakfast Travel News. 9 hours later I was trying desperately to avoid making the travel news myself...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Driving lesson numero 2

Top Speed - 60mph
Number of times that I exceeded the speed limit - Not counting...
Number of roundbouts driven round - More than enough for one day
Number of other road users I yelled at - At least three
Number of times I stalled the car - Once
Number of times I swore - Once
Number of times I got the wrong gear - Twice

Terror Phrases

Good news! The UK terror threat level has been downgraded.

Bad news! The people who come up with this stuff are clearly idiots!

A terrorist attack in the UK has gone from 'highly likely' to a 'strong possibility.' I'm sorry, but don't these phrases mean near enough the same thing!!! Highly likely in my books means, it's not definitely going to happen, but there is a good bloody chance. A strong possibility doesn't mean something is definitely going to happen, but there is a good bloody chance. Unbelievable.

In other news, the colour coded warning system has been downgraded from Orange to Tangerine!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Henry Allingham

The oldest surviving serviceman of the First World War, Henry Allingham, died at the age of 113.

His secret to a long life? Was it clean living? Ensuring he lead a helthy lifestyle? Eating five fruit and veg a day?


"Cigarettes, whisky and wild women."

Friday, 17 July 2009

Coughs and sneezes rapidly increase the shares in hand gel companies

The whole world has gone a bit hygiene mad recently. It's about time really. Apparently as a species, humans evolve to survive. So we've seen throughout the worlds history a number of pandemics, yet still we have to be shown a advert that basically outlines, "If you sneeze in your hand, don't touch people, you grotbag!"

Good hygiene, should essentially be just good sense.

But it can go to far.

Having needed the toilet while in town today, naturally once I finished, I washed my hands. Having dried my hands, I turned to leave and saw a hand gel dispenser (like the ones in hospitals) on the wall. And I thought, what purpose can that serve, I've just washed my hands. But then the fear crept in. After I washed my hands, i pressed the hand drier button. Oh no. That could have had all sorts of germs on it, someone might have sneezed on it (like an advert i frequently see), people will have touched it with their hands (albeit the hands they would have JUST washed). So, I ended up buying into the fear, and used the hand gel dispenser on the wall. Safe at last, I thought, and then I came to the door to leave.

Oh no. That could have all sorts of germs on it....